... station information for callsign VE4FEB ...			
station equipment and tools ====			
 1. Yaesu FT221 VHF transceiver			
    a. installed modifications ctss tone generator			
 2. Kenwood R-1000 Communications Receiver			
 3. tx1 80 to 10m band transmitter Crystal controlled 20W output			
 4. tx0 3-band QRP transmitter Analog VFO			
    a. 03Jun2022: Ongoing replacement of filters to reduce RF leakage 			
           between LO->Preamps, Also final amplifiers will be redesigned			
 5. Rigol DS1052E Digital Oscilloscope			
 6. Quansheng uv-r50			
 7. tx3 DDS/SI5351 transverter-transmitter			
 8. Hammarlund HQ-145A updates, restoration done			
    a. recap seems to have been done by previous owner			
    b. replaced HF OScillator with 6100 tube			
    c. fixed broken smeter needle			
    d. minor HF Oscillator alignment - target specs was 1% to 2%			
         dial accuracy.			
    e. minor RF alignment - target specs was 0.6uV to 1uV sensitivity			
    f. 29may2022: after 3years of service, hq145a is now waiting for			
         one of its if transformers fixed as it seems to be suffering			
         from the silver mica disease. As of 16Dec2023, this has now been			
 9. Commodore C64			
    a. secondary propagation display			
    b. secondary callsign lookup directory			
    c. secondary skimmer check and submit			
    d. qso log book entry using an ed like editor			
 10. Atari 600XL			
    a. USB keyboard for a Plan9/unix machine			
    b. cw keyer 			
 11. Homebrew Spectrum Analyzer			
 12. NanoVNA type Network Analyzer version H3.4 10Khz to 1.5Ghz			
 13. QRPLabs QCX Mini for 20m - allows battery power for outdoor use			
 14. QRPLabs QDX - allows quick digital mode qso when too busy or tired			
                   from work.			
 15. QRPLabs QMX - this is for multi-band support for outdoor use			
                 - currently waiting on new firmware that fixes birdies 			
                   and a few needed features			
various files =====			
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